Royal pet daughter-in-law by Caitian

Li Yu did not expect that this man would be so shameless that he would press him with the emperors and princes. Do you really think he is a fool?

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Li Yu did not expect that this man would be so shameless that he would press him with the emperors and princes. Do you really think he is a fool? What is the identity of the emperor, to eat grain, of course, are new grain, Qingzhou granary although not small, but the hundreds of thousands of stone grain are old grain, even if sent to the hunting ground people may not receive. Did he really think that Li Yu would be afraid if he moved out of the emperor? Seeing that his brows were furrowed and his face was overcast, Zhou Xun patted Li Yu on the shoulder and said, "Brother Li, it's not easy for you to come all the way here. If you come back empty-handed, you won't be able to do your job with Ouyang Da.". I think so, brother, I have hundreds of acres of land in Qingzhou, this year's harvest is acceptable, but also received a hundred cars of grain. I gave you all, and you make a friend. As for the grain of the grain depot, I dare not give you a stone. Please forgive me, brother. Li Yu almost laughed with anger. You want to send him away with a hundred carts of grain, but can't you regard him as a beggar? In fact,Magnetic Drain Plug, the reason why Zhou Xun didn't want to give him food was like a mirror in his heart. Zhou Xun was nominally under the control of Nandaying, but his real master was the Ministry of War, the second prince. Ouyang, the commander of Nandaying, always maintained a posture of concern but not intervention in the process of seizing the throne. The two princes had sent numerous lobbyists to persuade him to submit, but he declined politely. The two princes are also arrogant people, now the south camp is in trouble,die casting parts, he saw a joke too late, how can help? From Zhou Xun's point of view, everything is false these days, and grain is the hard currency. With food in hand, there is no panic in the heart. Qingzhou granary on the surface is owned by the Qingzhou garrison, in fact is not his week to find things in the bag, is his granary, but also his money, how can he be willing to hand over his things to others! These people in high positions, for their own self-interest, do not care about the interests of the country and the people at all. Thinking of the brothers of Nandaying who shed their blood for such a group of bastards, Li Yu felt wronged. Had it not been for the brothers, Li Yuzao could not help but draw his sword and kill the bastard. He told himself to put the overall situation first, and the hundred thousand brothers in Nandaying were still waiting for his food. So he took four deep breaths again and again to calm himself down, alloy die casting ,Steel investment casting, "Lord Zhou." He was about to continue his lobbying when the door was suddenly pushed open and a middle-aged scribe stumbled in. It was Uncle Lin. My Lord, it's not good. The Childe is hurt! Zhou Xun was taken aback. He had a headache because of Li Yu's entanglement. He found an excuse and stood up: "Brother Li, I'm really sorry.". Something has happened in my house. I'll go back and deal with it. I see you haven't eaten much. You can use some more here. When you're full, I'll ask my housekeeper to send you to live in my other yard. I'll take my leave first, Haihan Haihan! Then he bowed deeply and turned out of the room. Li Yu originally wanted to stop him, but look at Lin Shu's expression does not seem to be camouflage, the heart somehow crossed that figure, and thought of Lu Qinglan, then refrained from speaking, watching him out of the door. As soon as Zhou Xun left, Li Yu called his Qinbing and ordered, "Go out and see what happened." The man promised and backed out. Li Yu did not sit in the restaurant for a long time, so he got up and went out of the room. Zhou Xun's housekeeper had been waiting for him outside and said, "Lord Li, please come with me. My master has already prepared a room for you in the other courtyard." Li Yu frowned. He knew very well that the conditions of the room in the other courtyard that Zhou Xun had prepared for him must be very good. Maybe there would be a beautiful woman to accompany him. But he didn't come here to enjoy it. So he simply refused: "Lord Zhou's kindness is appreciated by Xiaoguan. Xiaoguan is still used to staying in the post station. Lord Zhou's other courtyard Xiaoguan won't go." No matter how Zhou Xun's housekeeper asked him to stay, he resolutely returned to the post station. "When Hangda heard he was back, he hurried up to meet him." Lord Li, you're here! Are you tired? The little one has tidied up the room for you. Please go in and have a rest. As he spoke, he prepared to lead Li Yu to a house in the backyard. Before Li Yu could react, his boy quit first. He followed Li Yu and Zhou Xun to negotiate these days. He was already full of anger. When he saw a postman bullying him, he was furious. He grabbed him by the collar and said, "Are you ***ing tired of living?"? Also do not look at our father is what kind of person, unexpectedly want to use such a room to send our father, the front yard of the upper room, why not vacate? Say Hang Da explained with a bitter face: "Lord Li, it's not the little one who wants to treat you slowly!"! But today the distinguished guest has come to live in the front yard first, and now I'm afraid he's already rested. Boy great anger: "What is the distinguished guest?"? No matter how big it is, can it be bigger than General Lee? Even if they rest, they must get up for me and give the upper room to our father! Hangzhou University was in a dilemma for a while. But Li Yu waved his hand and said, "That's all. It's not a place to live.". "It's not a big deal. Don't embarrass Yicheng." According to Li Yu's former temper, this matter is also endless, but Li Yu's mind is full of Lu Qinglan's back, and worried about the belly problems of hundreds of thousands of brothers in Nandaying, which has the mind to compete with an irrelevant person for this temporary mood. He didn't know this decision, but it made him miss the meeting with his sweetheart. In that compartment, Uncle Lin had already found Zhou Hao and sent him home. Zhou Xun hurried back to the mansion and saw his son lying in bed still unable to wake up. Seeing that the little finger of his left hand had been cut off, although it had now been properly bandaged by the doctor invited by Uncle Lin, the blood had already soaked the gauze. Zhou Xun loved his son so much that his face was livid. "What on earth is going on?" Uncle Lin explained in detail how Zhou Hao discovered Hsiao Shao-chueh and Lu Ching-lan, how he set up an ambush on the way, but was captured by Hsiao Shao-chueh, and how he had his tail finger cut off. Zhou Xun patted the table and said, "This bastard doesn't take the officer's words to heart at all. The man surnamed Li is still here. He dares to make trouble for me like this.". Did you suffer a great loss when you kicked the iron plate this time? After a pause, he added,car radiator cap, "Don't worry, son. I'll avenge you, Dad." 。

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