Three Emperors-Chen Three Emperors-Chen Three Emperors-Chen

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Three Emperors-Chen Three Emperors-Chen

"What else does Miss Shu want?" wWw:xiaoshuotxt? com Chapter 59 the Green Poplar Family. txt Chapter 60 human sword trading. Txt Novel-Paradise Fei sword soft track: "Sister Jane, I have to go. In order to trace the whereabouts of my parents' enemies, I must rush to the Shaolin Temple in the head of the Lady in Bloody Clothes!" Cui Wanzhen smiled sadly and said: "Brother Jian, this is business. I can't stop you. You see, how selfish I am!" "I wouldn't want to leave if I didn't have to!" "Wait a minute, I'll bring the sword!" With these words, he turned into another stone room, took out the "Tianshu Divine Sword", moved to his mother's tomb, bent his knees, raised the sword over his head, and prayed in a trembling voice: "Father, mother, my daughter has finished her will!" Fei Jian was so excited that he knelt down and took the "Tianshu Shenjian" and said: "Master, uncles and aunts, I swear to use this sword to avenge my teacher, uphold justice,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, and learn from each other." The air looks very solemn. Cui Wanzhen personally for the sword on the sword, deep affection leisurely way: "Brother Jian, I want to stay here with my mother's spirit. I hope you will come back early!" Fei Jian shook her soft Yi, saying: "Sister Jane, I'll turn around as soon as I finish my work!" "I'll wait for you!" "Take care, I'm leaving!" "Don't you eat something?" "No, time is pressing. I'm afraid I'll miss something!" Cui Wanzhen reluctantly sent Fei Jian straight to the narrow valley of a line of sky. Under the constant urging of Fei Jian,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, she turned back to the "Sword Tomb" with two bubbles of tears in her eyes. Fei Jian was also very sad. He could imagine her state of mind. It was really hard for a young girl to cross the cold and lonely years in the dark tomb. Before that, she was guarding her father's will, guarding the sword and waiting for its master. Now, the mission was over, and what she was waiting for was him. Suddenly, an idea came to his mind and made him shiver. Will the story of the "Lion Devil" be repeated? Before that, Cui Wanzhen relied on the Sword Tomb and the Excalibur to maintain her own safety. Now that she has taken the Excalibur, she has lost a barrier. With her skill and the Sword Tomb, the general Wulin people are not worried, but they will encounter the Lion Demon again. Then such as the invasion of the master, the consequences are unpredictable. However, he can not leave the sword, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, also can not go, take her with a lot of inconvenience. After thinking about it, he thought of a drastic measure. As long as the news of his sword came out, he could turn his attention to himself. In this way, Cui Wanzhen would no longer be harassed. This was the only feasible way. Open this knot, the heart is a loose. Because of the revelation of each other's identity today, his love for her has been completely solid, which is a force to cut off the love of Oriental Feiwen, which helps him to make his will more resolute. Between the mind, an exclaim suddenly came: "Stop!" Fei Jian stopped and thought to himself that it seemed that the "Golden Moon Alliance" had not relaxed its surveillance of the "Sword Tomb", which was a coincidence to implement the drastic measure. Several figures turned out from behind the rock corner. Take the lead, is no stranger, impressively is the "Golden Moon Alliance" under the "Shenwu team leader Wang Qinghou", followed by six fierce men in black. "It's Commander Wang," said Fei Jian coldly. "I haven't seen him for a long time." Wang Qinghou hey hey a smile way: "Each other!"! Each other! We are waiting for you, Shaoxia. I'm really looking forward to it, but I finally got it! "Wait a minute?" "Exactly!" ” "What can I do for you?" Wang Qinghou glanced at Fei Jian's waist and said, "What's hanging on your waist, Shaoxia.." An expressionless tunnel in Fei Jian's voice; "Tianshu Divine Sword, Treasure of Sword Tomb!" "Ha ha ha ha, Shaoxia is a straightforward man!" "Your Excellency and others are false, and the sword is true, right?" "Shaoxia, speak quickly. That's right!" "The ban issued by the leader of your alliance forbids you to be an enemy of your subordinates." "It has been lifted!" "Very good!" "Shaoxia, I'm afraid it's not right to walk in Jianghu with a magic weapon." Fei sword cold sniff a way: "What's wrong with it?" Wang Qinghou hey hey a sneer at a way: "Will be the target of public criticism!" "This is my business. Why should Commander Wang worry about it?" "We mean well!" "I appreciate your kindness, but Commander Wang hasn't said the purpose of his visit yet." "Shaoxia, do you know the purpose of our alliance to garrison the Sword Tomb in Changchuan?" "I don't understand!" "So we tell you, in order not to let this magic weapon fall into the hands of any Wulin friends!" Fei sword rushed to kill, but still cold way: "The sword is in my hand. What are you going to do?" Wang Qinghou big thorn thorn way: "Then please don't untie the sword and hand it to us!" Fei Jian almost lost his tongue and laughed, disdaining to the extreme way: "It's too much for you to say that!" "Not really." "Your Excellency can make a move under my sword, and this sword will be offered with both hands immediately!" Wang Hou Yin pity of a smile: "We have no intention of fighting." "Do you want to hand over the sword?" "Almost!" "Ha ha ha ha, Wang Qinghou, the'Golden Moon Alliance 'has done a lot of injustice to bring disaster to Wulin. I intend to leave you here." The six men in black behind Wang Qinghou had no expression on their faces and were surprisingly calm. Fei Jian could not help congealing the clouds. Could it be that the other side had something to hold? Wang Qinghou face does not change color way: "Shaoxia, imagination and reality are two different things. We firmly believe that Shaokuai will hand over the sword!" "Wang, if you have any conspiracy, let it out!" "Hey hey, conspiracy.." Not to mention, it's just that a girl hopes to save her life by offering her sword generously. Fei Jian was shocked. Could it be that Cui Wanzhen had fallen into the hands of the other party? The chestnut track: "Who is she?" "Shaoxia's schoolmate!" "Who?" "Isn't that right?" After the rock corner, two men in black,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, holding a woman in Tsing Yi, appeared and quickly came this way, stopping three feet away from the scene.