The ancient capital

The ancient capitalThe ancient capitalThe ancient capitalThe ancient capitalThe ancient capital

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"Will he keep an eye on us?" Chieko asked. He's a gatekeeper, and everyone has to go through this barrier to get in. Zhenyi laughed a few more times. But if you don't want to do this, let's do it separately and meet under the cherry blossom tree in the yard. Fortunately, those flowers, even if they are alone, are never tired of seeing. "Then you go and watch Luo alone." "Yes, but if there is a heavy rain tonight and all the flowers wither, I don't care." "I'll just look at the scenery of the fallen flowers." The flowers that have been knocked down by the rain are all dirty. Will there still be a scene of fallen flowers? The so-called falling flowers. "How bad!" "Who?" Chieko put on an inconspicuous kimono and went out. Heian Shrine's "Time Festival" [ "Time Festival", Kyoto Heian Shrine from 1895, an annual festival held on October 22, to show the changes in customs from the Heian period to the Meiji Restoration.] It's also famous. The shrine was built in the 28th year of Meiji (1895) to commemorate Emperor Hwangmu,Calacatta Quartz Slab, who established his capital in Kyoto more than a thousand years ago. The history of the temple is not too long. However, it is said that the Shenmen Gate and the Outer Hall were built in imitation of the Yingtian Gate and the Taiji Hall in Pinganjing. It has orange trees on the right and cherry trees on the left. In the 13th year of Showa, the statue of Emperor Takaaki was enshrined here before the capital was moved to Tokyo. Many people hold pre-God weddings here. What is more fascinating is the clusters of red hanging cherry blossoms that decorate the sacred garden. It is true that there is nothing that can represent the spring of Kyoto except the flowers here. As soon as Chieko walked into the entrance of the sacred garden, a blooming red cherry came into view,Grey Marble Slab, as if even her heart was full of flowers. Ah! It's Kyoto Spring again this year. She exclaimed and stood watching. But where is Shinichi waiting? Or haven't come yet? Chieko plans to find Shinichi and enjoy the flowers again. She came out of the flowers and trees. Shinichi lay on the lawn under these drooping cherry blossoms. He folded his hands under the back of his head and closed his eyes. Chieko didn't expect to be lying there for a while. I really hate it. Since he was waiting for a young girl, he was lying like this. It was not so much that he was too impolite to insult himself as that he hated the way Zhenyi slept. In Chieko's living environment, she could not bear to see a man lying down. Perhaps really used to lie on the lawn of the university campus with his classmates, talking and laughing on his back, but now lying like this is just a normal posture. Besides, there were four or five old women beside Zhenyi, who were chatting as they opened the multi-layer square wooden box. Perhaps it was a genuine feeling of kindness to these old women that led them to sit next to each other at first and then to lie down. Such a thought, Chieko could not help but laugh, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Marble Projects, but his face instead flew a blush. She just stood and didn't wake up Shinichi. And I want to leave Shinichi. Indeed, Chieko had never seen a man in a sleeping position. Zhenyi was dressed in neat student clothes and his hair was neatly cut. Close your eyelashes like a teenager. However, Chieko did not give him a direct look. Chieko! Zhenyi shouted and stood up. Chieko suddenly became unhappy. Isn't it embarrassing to sleep in a place like this? Passers-by are watching. "I wasn't asleep. I knew it as soon as you came." "How bad!" "What are you going to do if I don't call you?" "Did you pretend to sleep when you saw me coming?" It makes me a little sad to think of such a happy girl coming. My head hurts a little, too. Me? Am I happy?.. "You have a headache?" "No, it's all right." "You don't look so good." "No, it's nothing." "It's like a precious sword!" Shinichi occasionally heard people say that his face was like a sword, but it was the first time he heard it from Chieko's mouth. When Zhenyi was described in this way, his heart was filled with passion. This precious sword is harmless. Besides, it's under the cherry blossom tree. As he spoke, he laughed. Chieko climbed up the slope and turned back to the entrance of the cloister. Shinichi also left the lawn and followed him. I really want to see all the flowers. Chieko said. As soon as they came to the entrance of the western corridor, they saw red cherry blossoms, which immediately made people feel the scenery of spring. This is the real spring! Even the slender, low-hanging branches were covered with clusters of red yaeba cherry blossoms, and the flowers like this were not so much blooming on the trees as covering the branches. I like this kind of flowers best in this area. Said Chieko, leading Shinichi to the other corner of the corridor. There was a cherry tree with its branches stretched out in the air. Shinichi was also standing by, looking at the cherry tree. Look carefully, it is really feminine! Zhenyi said. Whether it is the hanging twigs or the flowers, it makes people feel very gentle and rich. And the safflower of the eight-fold cherry seems to have a little purple color. I never thought cherry blossoms could be so feminine. Whether it is its color, charm, or its charm and moisture. Shinichi said again. The two of them left the cherry tree and headed for the pool. On the side of the road, there was a folding stool covered with crimson felt. Tourists sit on it and enjoy tea. Chieko! Chieko! Someone is shouting. The real sand, dressed in long-sleeved clothes, came down from the Chengxin Pavilion Teahouse, which was located in the dim bushes. Chieko, I want to ask you a favor. I'm tired. I helped the master serve the tea banquet just now. "At most, I can only help wash the tea set in this costume." Chieko said. It doesn't matter,Carrara Marble Slab, washing the tea set. Really? Will you come? "I have friends." True sand this just discovers true one, biting the ear of thousand heavy child to ask softly: "Be fiance?" Chieko shook her head gently. A good friend? Chieko still shook her head. Zhenyi turned around and walked away. Why don't you go into the teahouse and drink tea together? Now, the seats are empty. The real sand advised.

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