By the way, she would see what my little princess

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By the way, she would see what my little princessBy the way, she would see what my little princessBy the way, she would see what my little princess

It is immoral to give him such a surprise as soon as he comes back after running around in the world of ice and snow. Smiling with regret, I brushed away the snow that had not yet melted on his shoulders. I looked up and saw that Mo Tong felt vaguely guilty. Knowing that he had gained nothing, I suppressed the disappointment of being lucky and failed. I shook my head to comfort him: "There are empty cranes beside me, and there will be no clues left." Suddenly the woman sitting at the table said, "Eh!" She turned her head thoughtfully, but a gentle deep voice came from behind her, saying, "It is indeed our great-uncle, Lord Konghe." Seeing the woman turn her head to look at him, Kong Wen smiled more and more deeply: "Empty, the youngest grandson, empty." "Kong Kite (note: Yao) great-great-grandson, Kong (note: Shuang)." Come down in one continuous line and feel like old friends at first sight. I smiled from the bottom of my heart as I looked at a pair of men and women who immediately shared the same heart. I could see that Mo Xun was confused and patted him on the back of his hand with a smile: "They are of the same clan. Because of an accident decades ago, their ancestors were separated from each other.". In the future, Xu will stay in this realm and stay together forever. It is a pity that we Xihe are going to lose a top talent. It was with a sigh that he heard Kong say, "Your Highness is relieved.". There is still some time to go before I retire. Kong, who was close by, nodded and said, "This time I went up the mountain because of the apocalypse of my ancestors. I have come to look for a predestined person.". And because of the disaster in the West, it brought disaster to my Lord and your country, so that I and the people who are predestined to help Xi and Ming Lord to calm the chaos. Listen to her words,interactive digital whiteboard, serve the master should be the king of Jiugao. Fearing that he would play the trick, he simply took this opportunity to catch all the two countries in the nest, and naturally hesitated. But Kong was calm and relaxed, and acted as a guarantor for Kong: "The people of the Jiugong clan only serve the will of Heaven, and do not engage in political affairs, nor are they controlled by the emperors of the world.". If you are ambitious to help others, you will be condemned by God and die suddenly. This rule is rather inhumane. I sighed. Even if she was duplicitous and had other intentions,interactive panels for education, Kong would not stand idly by and let her do whatever she wanted. Jaw head to show his sincerity, but in addition to her, there is an unidentified uninvited guest. I looked at the tall figure in front of the door and said, "Could you ask Miss Kong to introduce the young man?" Smiling faintly and nodding, he went outside the door and whispered to the man for a moment. The man jawed his lower body and stepped steadily into the room. The moment I saw his face, I was stunned and then laughed. "Your mother is really a prophet." His energetic birth mother once joked to me that if I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, I must remember to leave a place for her, so that her young boy could see the beauty's amorous feelings, so that he could be enlightened. But at that time, their mother and son had not seen each other for many years, thinking that their son, who had read military books since childhood, had been taught to be a bookworm by his father. Now it seems that it may be a groundless worry. The handsome face, which was quite similar to his mother's, had a pair of bright eyes, smart board whiteboard ,65 inch touch screen, and the lips seemed to have a faint smile, slightly cynical. But the eyes are clear and clear, a look will know through the integrity of the child, to the Lily do Xianggong, is absolutely more than enough. Perhaps the mother-in-law looked at her son-in-law, and the more she looked at him, the more she liked this saying. It was quite reasonable. Looking at the handsome young man, I smiled with pleasure. Xu also knew my identity, and the young man, who was much more mature than his actual age, raised his lips lightly and was no stranger to me: "My father received a message from my mother, saying that Xiao Wang could get a good marriage.." Raising her eyebrows slightly, she seemed to be interested. "Xiao Wang was wondering what kind of woman could be in the eyes of his mother. The female priest of Tianliao came to him and said that it was the heat of the summer. She wanted to take Xiao Wang to the old place of her ancestors to cool off. By the way, she would see what my little princess, who was about to be born, looked like." Before my mother-in-law could make a sound, I heard my father-in-law cough in a very awkward way. Although do not know the ins and outs, but the baby daughter did not have time to embrace a hug, then let a man who should be cut to pieces by thousands of cuts to kidnap, and now inexplicably out of a future son-in-law, to the eyes of this young man who brazenly covet Lily, the crown prince's royal Highness cold a standard father-in-law face, such as guard against tigers and wolves, everywhere. Seeing this, I laughed, but I was also disappointed that our daughter was not here at the moment. Otherwise, she could lie in her mother's arms and see how her jealous father and the young man who would become her husband fought: "Little Wang Ye came here with me. Does your father and your great uncle know?" "Xiao Wang left a note saying that he was going to find my little princess in accordance with his mother's wishes.". ” Seeing that I was dubious, he put his hands behind his back and smiled magnanimously: "Xiao Wang is not only a native of Jiugao, but also a native of Xihe." The right and wrong of grandparents should not affect innocent children. More sensitive because of identity, although teach his son the art of war and military strategy, but Wang Di really called the child to the side, night Hehao all find an excuse to decline. Therefore, the little prince had never really come into contact with military and political affairs. This time he went into the mountain with the female priest and said, "I just wonder why Niang pointed out such a strange marriage to Xiao Wang." Admittedly, it's not a good match. In terms of age, it's one round short. In terms of identity, a Jiugao Wang Ye, a Xi and the princess, if you want to form a husband and wife, unless the two countries make peace. I shook my head and said with a smile, "I was just joking with your mother at the beginning. If the little prince doesn't like my daughter, he can find another good mate." Even though the more I looked at the little prince of Yushu Linfeng, the more I didn't like him. It could be seen that I had no confidence in his little beauty. Mo Xun frowned with disapproval, and listened to me prepare for a rainy day and talk about marriage for my newborn baby daughter. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The little prince is not married yet, and the palace and your mother are close friends. If they can become in-laws, everyone will be happy. But there must be no lack of women who admire you with the appearance of the little prince. I don't want my daughter to miss other opportunities because of her parents' orders. So Xiao Wang doesn't have to worry about jokes or fate. When Lily grows up,interactive boards for classrooms, the palace will respect her wishes and let her fall in love freely and choose her husband. Of course Staring at Hui's bright eyes, I said lightly, "No one is allowed to force her." 。