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As a third-generation citizen of the Republic born in the 1970s. Wang yuanqing experienced the "great change period"

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As a third-generation citizen of the Republic born in the 1970s. Wang yuanqing experienced the "great change period" of the Republic. Compared to the previous two generations. Wang yuanqing's generation is not only more adventurous, better at exploring, but also better at pursuing. They are also more confident and self-reliant. Ideas are very open to go in. As a national leader. Ideology is not a decisive factor in dealing with international affairs closely related to national interests. It is national strength that determines policy. It can be said. Ji Youguo has been struggling to improve the national strength of the Republic. Zhao Rundong did the same thing. The two men did not focus on peripheral issues. It has not actively expanded the sphere of influence of the Republic. Two generations of leaders have worked hard. It has laid a solid foundation for the successors. Two sets of important data may be more telling. 2010. The gross national product of the Republic is 36 trillion yuan, equivalent to 5.4 trillion US dollars. Although it is the third largest economic entity in the world. But the total is only 26% of the United States; 2017. The gross national product of the Republic is close to 72 trillion yuan, equivalent to 13 trillion US dollars. Become the world's second largest economic entity. The total is 71% of the US; 2023. The gross national product of the Republic is 107 trillion yuan, equivalent to US $24 trillion. The total is 97% of the United States. If the growth rate continues to be 7.4% in 2024. The Republic will surpass the United States. Become the world's largest economic entity. 2010. The per capita disposable income in the Republic is approximately 18700 yuan, equivalent to US $2,800. 6% in the United States; 2017. The per capita disposable income in the Republic is approximately 42000 yuan, equivalent to US $7,600. 11% of the United States; 2023. The per capita disposable income in the Republic is about 68000 yuan, which is equivalent to 15100 dollars. 18% in the United States. According to the most optimistic estimate. By 2050. Per capita disposable income in the Republic will be the same as in the United States; even the most conservative estimates. It will also reach this level in 2065. Whether it is the overall national strength or the per capita strength, the development speed of the Republic is amazing. It can be said that Ji Youguo and Zhao Rundong left a rich "family property" for their successors. Only with strength can we do great things. In the case of relatively backward economy, the Republic must work hard and concentrate its efforts on domestic construction. With the gradual improvement of economic strength,metal stamping parts, the Republic needs sufficient resources and markets, and only focusing on domestic construction has been unable to meet the needs of national development, let alone effectively safeguard national interests. In this context, any leader will adjust the basic strategy of the country. Zhao Rundong gradually handed over power to Wang yuanqing, precisely because Wang yuanqing's strategy can maximize the protection and realization of national interests,titanium machining parts, rather than his physical condition so that he had to hand over power. If Wang yuanqing does not show enough ability, as long as Zhao Rundong still has a breath, he will not do so. Sufficient strength is only the driving force for the country to move forward. If we want to get on the right path, we need a very clear purpose. This is where Wang yuanqing performed better than Ji Youguo and Zhao Rundong. No matter what he does, Wang yuanqing's purpose is very clear. When he went to the localities, Wang yuanqing went all out in the pilot work in Guangxi and proved his ability; when he returned to the central authorities, his position had not yet been determined, and he avoided conflicts of interest with Zhao Rundong in every way; after his position was determined, he played a big role and was quickly recognized and appreciated by the older generation of leaders, deep draw stamping ,Steel investment casting, including Zhao Rundong. All these prove that Wang yuanqing has already set a goal and has been striving for it. In terms of foreign policy, Wang yuanqing's goal concept is even more amazing. Far from it, Wang yuanqing was aggressive everywhere during the period after the defection of Li Xiaowen in North Korea, giving the impression that even if the United States, Japan and South Korea did not take the initiative to provoke a war, he would try to trigger a war. Although this is an illusion to a large extent, it can fully reflect Wang yuanqing's initiative and goal concept. Since war will break out sooner or later, all work is aimed at winning the war! In order to achieve our goal, we must create all favorable conditions for the Republic. Such as detonating the war at the most appropriate time, participating in the war in the most reasonable way, winning the war at the smallest cost, and gaining the greatest benefits after the war. These qualities of Wang yuanqing are the main defects of Zhao Rundong. It has to be admitted that Ji Youguo has long seen the characteristics of Wang yuanqing and knows that at some time in the future, the Republic will need such a leader as Wang yuanqing to point out the way for Wang yuanqing and make relevant arrangements before leaving office. As for whether Ji Youguo exerted influence on Zhao Rundong, it is unknown. Of course, Wang yuanqing is not without shortcomings. Among the three main qualities that a national leader must possess, "the value of strength" and "the concept of goal" are clearly reflected in Wang yuanqing, while "the concept of development and change" is not reflected. Because he has not been formally "in power", it is not appropriate to judge whether he has this quality. On the small side, what Wang yuanqing lacks most is the experience of governing the country. Peng Maobang and Pan Yunsheng firmly supported Wang yuanqing's return to the central government.In addition to consolidating Wang yuanqing's position in the decision-making circle, the main purpose was to use Zhao Rundong's second term of office to let Wang yuanqing accumulate enough experience in governing the country and lay the foundation for his formal "ruling" in the future. Wang yuanqing can obtain today's status, in addition to Ji Youguo's support, personal efforts are the most critical factor. From midnight to dawn, Li Cunxun called. What Wang yuanqing's expression changed dramatically. "Are there any casualties?" That's good, when can we withdraw. All right, you get ready.. Yeah, I'll be right there.. No, I'll come by myself. Okay, don't bother. I'll have breakfast on the way.. Okay, okay, that's it. When Wang yuanqing put down the phone,die casting parts, Ye Zhisheng stood up. What's the situation? "The man was rescued, but the operation was in trouble." Wang yuanqing breathed a sigh of relief. "Fortunately, it's a minor problem. It's not too serious. The troops have already set out. All the people who took part in the operation can withdraw before noon." "A lot of casualties?" 。

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