The fox's face is full of feathers

"The newlyweds are seated." The bottom of the sea has its own rules.

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"The newlyweds are seated." The bottom of the sea has its own rules. After the newlyweds meet, they do not immediately enter the bridal chamber, but uncover the bride's veil and enter the banquet. One is to show off how beautiful the bride is, and the other is to thank all the guests for coming. When Bailirong gently lifted the red veil of Ye Xilei, Yan finally understood why she came, just to see her bride's face. When the red gauze was lifted, it shocked four people. Ye Xilei's silver hair fell behind her, emitting a faint crescent light, but the short hair changed into long hair, and Ye Xilei became more perfect. The tortoise prime minister, who had never seen the true appearance of Ye Xilei, was immediately stunned and shaped like a stone carving. Baili Rong helped Ye Xilei to take a seat. Maomao ran to her seat and looked at the people around her. She was already in a daze. She smiled and was very proud. Ladies and gentlemen, please. Bailirong picked up the wine cup, and Ye Xilei also picked it up. The wine cups in their hands were all tied with a red rope. A pair of beautiful people, thank the guests. The guests, however, only looked at the beautiful bride and forgot the existence of the bridegroom. Father in law. Bailirong's voice became heavier. Immediately, Zuo Lu and Ao Guang woke up with a start. They hurriedly picked up their wine glasses and woke everyone up: "Come on, thank you for watching the ceremony. Please!" The night diaphragm slowly came to his senses, and his princess became more beautiful. 's line of sight falls on the goblet, has not picked up tardy, as if that goblet weighs like a thousand catties. The man beside him raised his glass calmly and said softly,large palm trees for sale, "Please." Sweet wine is drunk into three people's mouths, but it is bitter, sour and astringent. Beautiful Jiao Niang stepped into the hall, dancing, the turtle prime minister also stared at the night Xilei, until Ao Guang woke him up, he began to drink and eat. The bride picked up food for the bridegroom and behaved very elegantly. Where is this or the night Xilei who is so reckless and always moves her hands and feet? She is clearly a virtuous and virtuous lady. Her every frown and smile are touching, straight let Ao Guang tangled, how he is her father! Should I be happy or should I cry? One cup after another was poured fiercely,faux ficus tree, but it was stopped by Fan Ze. Ye Lan frowned slightly. The dish in front of him was not moved by a chopstick. After three rounds of drinking, the newlyweds should enter the bridal chamber. The bridegroom picks up the bride, but the bride leads the way for the bridegroom. The scene of mutual dependence and mutual support is no less than that of an old man who loves each other for a hundred years. In their bodies, let the people present, all seem to see the sentence: hold your hand and grow old with you. The departure of the bride and groom seems to loosen the strings in the hearts of men. Ao Guang first held Zuo Luzhi in his arms and wailed. Drunk, he shouted, "Why is she my daughter? Why?" The wine-red face brought out a touch of ridicule: "Old Lewd Dragon, have you finally shown your true colors?" "What did you say?" Ao Guang roared, "Don't think about it, she's your aunt!" In a word, speaking of the sore spot, he immediately threw himself on Ye Lan's body, scooped up his white hair, and smiled bitterly: "Ye Lan, if you were a daughter, outdoor palm trees ,decorative palm trees, I would marry you." Night diaphragm straight draw eyebrow horn, push him away: "Want to look for comfort, go [golden age]!" Fell on the body of the body, the body shook his head, got up and left. Ye Lan thought about it and left the hall of drunkards. The luminous fish swim outside the boundary membrane of the waterless house, just like the stars in the night sky, moving. Ye Xilei Standing beside Bailirong, Bailirong raised his hand, one wrapped in cloth, from outside the boundary membrane. Why do you have to leave today? She puffed out her face and showed her strong disapproval. He smiled faintly: "So, I owe you a wedding candle, I must come back." "If it's really dangerous there, why do you bother to go?" "If you don't go, you will be in danger." Deeply, he kissed her lips, and the lips stuck together like glue. I'll take you. "Good." She changed into a white dress for him, leaving only a red ribbon tied to his hair, which accompanied him. When he took the clothes of the gods, he had changed into the silver-blue silk ribbon covering his eyes again. She took off her robe, which had fallen to the ground, and wore only a delicate but simple red skirt inside. Then he took his hand, looked at him deeply, and went out of the palace. They walked out of the waterless palace, and the figure of Bailirong was wrapped in the clothes of the gods. The white and red figures leaned against each other and went to the west of the Dragon Palace. "I hear it's forbidden." Her silver hair fluttered gently with her light footsteps. He lowered his face slightly and said, "There is a magic array, but it can be split by killing immortals and trapping immortals. Perhaps the purpose of getting these two swords first is to open the magic array." She rolled her eyes and said, "That is, someone will seal something first, and then leave the killing immortals and the trapping immortals for you to untie." "Probably." "Who is that?" "That's why I'm going." No one has ever been to the west of the undersea city, because there is a black whirlpool, in the distant place, you can feel the rotation of the current, where there is a perennial boundary blockade, no one can enter. No one knows when the whirlpool exists, even many centenarians can not tell the cause of it, even if they are the Dragon King, they have never mentioned it. The staff was slowly raised, and the scarlet light bloomed from the white cloth. Immediately, the boundary that blocked the whirlpool was broken. Immediately, the current became rapid and dragged people to the whirlpool. Let's stop here. Bailirong let go of her hand and stroked her silver hair, which grew for him. "Ray, wait for me to come back." "Well.." She nodded, but her hands held his robe firmly until he was far away, and the robe slipped from her hands. His white figure walked steadily in the whirlpool of the river, shining with the holy and brilliant clothes of the gods, flying in the current. Suddenly, he raised the staff in his hand, and in an instant, the white cloth scattered, and the two swords flew out and flew towards the whirlpool! When the sword pierced the center of the whirlpool,fake blossom tree, huge waves rushed out of the whirlpool, and the whole undersea city shook. Ye Xilei raised her hand to block the huge current. When the big waves were calm, there was only the empty sea and the calm current in front of her. He and the whirlpool disappeared together.

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