Legend of Galactic Heroes vol.10 Sunset

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On the same day, there was a negotiation between Urian and Admiral Valle of the Imperial Army about the treatment of the Ischelen Army "stationed" in Heinesen.

On the same day, there was a negotiation between Urian and Admiral Valle of the Imperial Army about the treatment of the Ischelen Army "stationed" in Heinesen. At that time, Valle looked at Urian's face with great interest and said, "I did see you on the earth, did I remember correctly?" "Yes, I have met Prefect Vallee on Earth." "It's at the headquarters of the Earth Church, I remember." Valle nodded. Two years ago, Urian went to Earth as an independent businessman in Faisal and met Valle, who was then in charge of the crusade against the Earth religion. I'm sorry I lied to Don Valle at that time. "What words? There's no need to apologize at all. Everyone's position is different!" Valle waved his hand. It was the left hand he had lost on the way to the earth. Anyway, we all lost a lot of old friends. Valle's words made Urian feel gloomy. This feeling is even stronger when talking to Nethart Murat. Who is happier between you and me? You had no idea this was going to happen before Willy Yang died, and we were given time to prepare ourselves to accept the emperor's death. However, your sorrow begins at the beginning, while we face the end first, and then we have to move forward in order to satisfy the hunger of our hearts. The remaining people. Murat omitted the words,foldable bulk container, and his feelings resonated in Urian's heart. Yes, for those who survive, the journey still goes on until the day when they meet the dead again, and they can't skip this time, they have to go step by step until that day comes. Urian felt that it was gratifying to be able to communicate with the famous generals of the Galactic Empire, such as Nethart Murat. However,plastic pallet box, perhaps this matter will also be bitterly criticized in later generations: "If we had known this would happen, wouldn't we have had a good talk at the beginning?"? Why do you have to sacrifice so many lives? Are they just props that the instructor uses and throws away in order to complete the scheduled work? Urian, are they willing to accept such criticism? In particular, the scolding of the survivors of the war dead is even more embarrassing. Urian has no other choice. In order to get the situation today, he has to fight first. If the Alliance of Free Planets had submitted to the dominance of the Galactic Empire, Willy Yang would have been murdered first, and democratic and Republican politics would have disappeared without a trace, right? Urian thinks so, but that's his values, and there should be a lot of people who hold different values from him. And there is a character with his own values, stackable plastic pallets ,plastic pallet bin, who is busy doing some calculations in his hotel room before the meeting with Urian. "What are you doing?" His men asked strangely? Captain Goniff. "Compounding." Boris Goniff gave a bright answer, and his subordinate Malinesk tilted his head. What is the compound interest calculation? "The price of the information given to Isheron so far!" "You want the price?" "Of course, first of all, if I say I want free service, don't those people in Isheron feel better?" "Probably?" "At least I won't feel better. I'm not like Dasti Athenopoulos. I won't risk my life for chivalry and drunkenness!" "Is that so?" The loyal and solid purser stood in the position of counter-argument and avoided further discussion. At the end of the calculation, Boris Goniff nodded as if he had a new vision of his future. It's been decided, Malinesk, that if Isheron and his men can win this harsh game, I will work in the business of information and become a businessman of the new age. "Ah, after all, it's a good thing to sell good goods to get credit and expand your business!" Malinesk's answer tends to be general. Boris Goniff went to lodge at the head of Ischelen. Urian and Athenopoulos had gone to meet Prefect Valle of the Imperial Army in order to get the "surviving" Heinesen's soldiers home, while Olyby Pobran and Caspar Linz were playing chess with dull expressions in the hotel's conversation room. When he saw Boris Goniff's face, Pobran threw a word at once. "Well, able men of Faisal, how is your Mr. Lubinsky?" "Dead." "What..?" "It's information from the hospital.". He had been given less than a year to live because of a brain tumor, but around the time the emperor returned to Heinesen, he refused to eat. It's just a matter of time now. "Hunger strike?"? However, this is not like the black fox as ah! Isn't he the kind of guy who takes other people's things to prolong his own life? This is the opinion of ordinary people. As for whether this view is correct or not, these people will not be answered in a short time. Ⅳ At twenty o'clock on June 13, a patient died at the Ingrid Street Hospital in the city. The brain tumor patient, Andrew Ann Lubinsky, died at the age of 47 while under military police surveillance. Although the laser treatment could not save his life, he should have had some time. Lubinsky, however, did not seem to see any beauty in life on his sickbed. Lubinsky pulled out the life-support device with his own hand. When the nurse in charge found out, he had fallen into a coma. His defiant, calm expression was sharp, but it exuded a strange spirit. Lubinsky's brain waves would have stopped at exactly 20:40. The news of his death immediately reached the Empire, and the impatient bureaucrats were anxious to sort out the records and information related to Lubinsky. When the emperor was dying, Lubinsky's death was not emotional or exciting, but in fact, what followed was the real main play. There was a vibration. The floor of the hospital moved up and down in an instant, followed by a strong shaking from side to side. 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