Breaking the Sky by Tiancan Potato [End + Follow-up to Chapter 15 Power Spirit]

In this way, it is clear that the demon is to treat him as an enemy, without Xiao Yan's orders, the demon's extremely low IQ, will only be very stubborn to carry out the protection of Xiao Yan's safety, any harm to its actions, it will be treated as an enemy.

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In this way, it is clear that the demon is to treat him as an enemy, without Xiao Yan's orders, the demon's extremely low IQ, will only be very stubborn to carry out the protection of Xiao Yan's safety, any harm to its actions, it will be treated as an enemy. Although a day demon, still can't stop Xuankongzi, but the previous blow, it is the latter lost the last chance, because the huge dragon body on the void, at the moment is a section, bang, explosion.. "Boom!" A body explosion, horrible purple and black flame, suddenly like a roaring fire dragon, with a kind of overwhelming momentum, swept over Xuankongzi. Feeling the terror of the sea of fire, Xuan Kongzi frowned and looked hesitantly at Xiao Yan below. If he left at this time, I'm afraid Xiao Yan would be doomed. Why don't you go and wait for death? That boy looks a little strange. It shouldn't be a problem. When Xuankongzi hesitated, Qinghua Laoguai could not resist the high temperature here. He hurriedly swept away at the exit of the star field. When he passed by Xuankongzi, he did not forget to urge. Shortly after the words of the old Qinghua monster fell, a green fire suddenly spread out of Xiao Yan's body below, and the fire slowly spread out like a cover, and then just wrapped its body in. Different fire.. See, Xuankongzi heart just a loose, looking at the rumbling with an endless line of fire swept over the purple and black flame, finally no longer hesitate,Time Delay Faucet, look like this, Xiao Yan obviously has his plan, for the latter, Xuankongzi is a little relieved, at least this period of time to see, the latter is not a reckless person. Well, boy, since you insist on choosing, you can ask for more luck.. With a sigh, Xuankongzi no longer stayed. He turned around and swept away at the exit of the star field. In the twinkling of his body,push button toilet flush valve, his eyes caught a glimpse of the two strong souls who had sneaked into the top ten. These two people did not have the precious space jade slips of the old man, so they could only run for their lives quietly. Hum Because of the trouble of the soul temple, today's Xuankongzi is full of anger, see this sneaky two people, the moment a cold hum, sleeve robe a wave, a majestic force is burst out, the two people wrapped in it, and then directly to the rear of the purple and black sea of fire thrown. Ah As soon as the two unfortunate souls fell into the sea of fire, they burst into a shrill scream, and the fighting spirit in their bodies broke out desperately. However, in just a dozen seconds, the fighting spirit was completely swallowed up by the flames, and their bodies, in the blink of an eye, turned into a handful of ashes and drifted down. Harsh enough.. Seeing this, Qinghua Laoguai immediately raised his thumb to Xuankongzi. However, as soon as his voice fell, he felt a burning fire all over his body. With a strange cry, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, he dared not delay any longer and shot desperately at the exit of the star field. Xuan Kongzi looked back at the purple and black sea of fire that filled the whole star field. In the sea of fire, a circle of green light was like a leaf in the sea, rippling with the waves, and he did not know when it would collapse. Well, boy, next, it's up to you.. With a sigh in his heart, Xuankongzi looked at the continuous line of fire that rushed in again, and as soon as he moved, he swept to the exit of the star field, and in the last flash, he ran out. As the last person jumped out of the star field, this empty space became completely silent. Purple and black flames, like a sea of fire, filled every place in the star field. The temperature of terror, even the space was distorted.. ...... The city of Saint Dan, now the city, can still see some of the ruins, apparently before here, experienced a lot of movement of the war. In the sky of Danta, the door of the silver space, a wave of waves, immediately a figure of a very discomfited from it, faintly, there are hot purple and black flames from its inside, see people stunned. Close the star field! Xuankongzi's figure flashed, that is, from the space door, glanced inside, but saw a continuous purple and black sea of fire spread rapidly, the moment his face sank, drink way. Hearing his shout, Xuanyi and Tianleizi were stunned, but when they saw the dignified color on his face, they had no time to ask more questions. Between the changes of handprints, a burst of space fluctuations broke out, and the silver door quickly dispersed invisibly. Boom! Just as the door of the silver space dissipated, a purple and black wave of fire suddenly erupted, burning some of the strong Danta who were close to it back again and again, and a miserable cry came from their mouths. What's wrong Xuanyi two people see this scene, the face is also slightly changed, hurriedly way. Three thousand Yan Yan fire body outbreak, will absorb so many years of flame all scattered out, now the star field, I'm afraid has been filled with fire, we have to increase some seals, otherwise if the star field is broken, the whole city of Saint Dan will be destroyed in an instant. Xuan Kongzi said in a deep voice. Hearing this, Xuanyi and Tianleizi's complexion changed. Three thousand Yan Yanhuo absorbed the power of the stars for countless years, and just condensed out the huge body shape. Now it explodes completely. That power, even for them, is to temporarily avoid the edge. By the way, where is Xiao Yan? Xuanyi eyes swept, suddenly way. Xuankongzi hesitated for a moment and said, "It's still in the star field." What did you say? Why don't you bring him out? Xuanyi's cheeks changed dramatically and he said angrily. He is engaged in a soul battle with the original fire of the three thousand Yan Yan fire, apparently to refine the latter, if I really forcibly take him away, I am afraid it will cause considerable harm to him. Xuan Kongzi sighed. It's better to do some damage than to die inside. Xuanyi is still a face of anger, Xiao Yan is a disciple of medicine dust, if later medicine dust out of trouble, and know Xiao Yan died in the star field of Danta,stainless steel squatting pan, with his character, certainly will not have any communication with Danta, and even will run to Xingshi to ask for punishment in anger.