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Liu shook and jumped up from a carp on the ground, still with a lingering fear; He didn't expect that the senior mage needed blood to feed the blood baby for a year.

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Liu shook and jumped up from a carp on the ground, still with a lingering fear; He didn't expect that the senior mage needed blood to feed the blood baby for a year. It was a short moment for San Chiao. The magic absorbed by the Phoenix egg was far beyond his limited magic knowledge. The excessive blood sucking almost sucked him dry. The dangerous degree of blood magic shocked Liu enough to walk through the gate of death. Blood fog dispersed, Liu shook a mountain wall, almost fainted in the past. A white and golden Frost Snow Pichu beast stood on the ground, fat head and big ears, but also lovely, half a meter high, several circles bigger than Guoguo. There was also a naked child standing on the ground, as tall as the Frost Picchu beast. It's just that the child's face is similar to that of Mourinho just now. He has a rare platinum hair. Although he is still young, his handsome face can't be seen. There is a white feather wing on the left rib of the Frost Snow Pichu Beast. There was a white wing on the child's right rib. Daddy! Cried the Frost Snow Pichu in a sweet voice. Daddy! Cried the child. Two pairs of pink little arms stretched out to Lao Liu and toddled over. Old Liu sighed deeply and bent down to embrace the two blood babies, who "giggled" and smiled at his face. It is said that the blood baby should look exactly like himself, but the twin blood babies in front of him not only have nothing to do with him,Prison toilet for sale, but also are obviously a pair of disabled people with one wing missing. What is particularly exasperating is that one of them looks like Mourinho. Liu really doesn't know what kind of sensation it will cause if he brings a talking Frost Snow Pichu beast and a little Mourinho back to Fei Lengcui. The first half of our lives was so unfortunate. The Frost Snow Pichu beast clung tightly to Liu's shocked face and said. Mourinho! *** all the women in your family! There was a sudden flash of inspiration in his mind, which made Lao Liu suddenly understand what was going on. He looked up to the sky and shouted abuse: "You damn bastard, who suffered a thousand knives and had a relationship with his familiar!" Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 187 the first ethical disorder in the world. Liu's anger is not without reason. Blood magic as the fastest and most advanced degenerate magic in the Aegean continent, while pursuing shortcuts, it also inevitably has the disadvantage of too low power,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, as can be seen from several battles between Liu Shock and Blood Mage, Blood Mage's long-range suppression ability can only be compared with that of the archer in the case of low level. A blood mage is definitely better than a squad of archers. However, in the modern war in the Aegean continent, the role of the magician is to use a large area of high-end magic to bomb the enemy's most expensive arms, causing huge damage locally, thus reversing the war situation. If we analyze from Liu's shocking tactical self-restraint, the task of the magician in the battlefield is completely similar to the artillery in the southern Xinjiang battlefield. The lower level is the mortar rifle grenade, and the higher level is the magician. Gannon, as for the Magician and the Magician of the Holy Order, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Manual Flush Valve, they belong to the cruise missile. The low attack ability of the blood department mage, makes this powerful God of war very helpless to degrade into a machine gun, even if the level of the blood department mage is a little higher, it is at most a high-flat dual-purpose anti-aircraft machine gun, as for the blood department magic teacher and the holy order mage, although it will not humiliate the two great titles, but compared with other departments and the holy order mage, There must be a big difference. The purpose of the existence of blood babies is to narrow and make up for this gap. Blood baby is a new species bred by blood magicians through "blood feeding" with Warcraft eggs. To some extent, blood baby and the "snake trick" bred by Medusa witch doctors with special methods have one thing in common -- they are both transformed life forms born against the laws of nature. The Warcraft embryo in the host egg will be completely transformed in the process of "blood feeding", and most of the body characteristics of Warcraft will be eliminated. When the host egg is successfully hatched, the blood baby born is a baby with the same appearance as the mage himself. After a successful blood feeding, the blood baby is born. With half the elemental power of the Blood Mage, the Blood Baby will still retain some of the Warcraft instincts, which include some elemental power, physical power, special abilities and primitive animal nature. The strength of the blood baby is linked to the strength of the magician himself, but generally speaking, the difference is not very big. The threshold for successfully hatching a blood baby is that the guild level of the blood mage must reach a high level. The higher the level of blood magic is, the more difficult it is. Like Liu Shaking, it is absolutely unprecedented to hatch blood babies with the title of Holy Master. Inheriting half of the potential of a senior mage's blood baby, compared with a half of the potential of a wizard's blood baby, there is a difference, but not too exaggerated; so. It really determines whether the blood baby is strong or not. It mainly depends on what level of Warcraft the eggs come from. It is also a senior mage who feeds a blood baby with blood, using Newton's giant bird eggs as the eggs and golden dragon eggs as the eggs. These two kinds of hatched blood babies may be similar in posture, but how much difference in combat effectiveness, I am afraid that even an idiot can understand it -- in fact, it can also be said that. Blood baby is a familiar, but Beamon sacrifice is a conscription, and the blood mage is his own creation. Like the sacrificial familiar, the blood baby is an absolutely reliable partner and helper in the process of blood feeding. In addition to passing on half of the elemental power to the blood baby,stainless steel toilet, the mage will also instill ideas into the blood baby. Even if the blood mage dies in battle one day, the blood baby can take the place of the mage and continue to survive in the world as a form of continuation of life, just like a son and daughter who inherited his father's behest and fulfilled his unfulfilled wish for the mage.