Tomb Piracy Notes 8 Book Edition Finale

Stuffy Oil Bottle: This is a man who is as powerful as a God. In the space with him, I can always write very easily, because as long as he is around, he can block all the disasters and pains for you.

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Stuffy Oil Bottle: This is a man who is as powerful as a God. In the space with him, I can always write very easily, because as long as he is around, he can block all the disasters and pains for you. He has no words, will not be happy, will not be sad, he is always like a porcelain doll, standing there silently, looking at everything lightly, however, you know he cares about you. There is no one who can bring you so much sense of security like him. However, I do not know why, when I write about this man's various actions, there is always a deep sadness in my heart. As I said, he is a man without past and future, and his only connection with the world seems to be of little value. He didn't know where he came from, he didn't know where he was going. He only knows that he has opinions about what he has to do in this world. Can you imagine? One day, when you wake up from a cave, when you don't know anything and look around doubtfully,collapsible pallet box, you already have a responsibility that you must shoulder. You don't have the right to see the scenery along the way. You can't enjoy your friends and lovers. All the good things in your life have no meaning to you in the moment of your consciousness. Zhang Qiling is so silently carrying his own destiny. What hurts me most is that he just carries it lightly, as if it's all taken for granted, as if it's just a trivial matter. If you ask him, he will just shake his head silently and say to you, "It doesn't matter." This is the man I wrote. He bears the most painful fate in the world, even a thousand times more painful than death, but he is neither angry nor handsome,plastic pallet crates, neither escape nor pain. He's right there, telling you that all the people he's protecting, it's okay. At the end of The Lost Tomb, I let him sleep again, and ten years later, I had a chance to wake him up again. This may not be a good ending, not for all people. But I really can't think of a better ending for him. Fatty: Fatty is a thin person. On the whole, I think he is a thin person. Even on many levels, he is more thin than Wu Xie. Fat people always give the impression that they are laughing and laughing, and they are always in trouble. He has his own bad habits, but I still think he is the most normal person among the three. That is to say, if you want to choose a husband, only the fat man can do it. If the innocent is the kind of person who avoids pain, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible bulk containers, and the little brother is the kind of person who ignores pain, then the fat man is the only one who can resolve the pain. Among these people, there is no doubt that fat people have suffered the most. The so-called bearing means that the fat man can feel the pain of his own harm, rather than like the little brother, endless pain through the body, he just nodded. A person who can understand pain and bear so much pain, and resolve it one by one, really happy from the heart, we can almost call it Buddha. Yes, the fat man is the Buddha who sees through everything. To some extent, there is more in his talk and laughter. He patted the innocent on the shoulder and said that "innocent", which was already very transparent to Wu Xie. He could tacitly nod with his brother to outflank any danger, which showed that he also fully understood the blank in his brother's heart. However, in the end, the fat man could not afford it. After the death of the cloud, can his strong heart still dissolve the strong grief? He found that his heart was not willing to dissolve, he did not want this pain and his previous pain, and finally turned into a piece of emptiness. The fat man chose to keep the pain with him forever. Tomb Piracy Notes 8 Postscript Chapter 7 I wrote that the fat man was holding the body of the cloud and weeping bitterly. "I really like it," he said to Wu Xie. "I've never made a joke." My tears could not stop flowing down. I regret that I did not write more space for him and the clouds in the front, so that he and the clouds can have more memories. For the fat man, his love is simple, like is like, there are not so many reasons, do not need so much to get along. Iron Triangle: I don't know if the feelings between them mean that they are friends? I think they have gone beyond the relationship of friends. They have their own purposes, but in the end, they all give up their own purposes; are they relatives? I don't think they are alienated and guessing each other, but this alienation is also a kind of silent protection. Everything seems to be out of the most basic feelings: I hope you can be safe, whether it is Wu Xie thousands of miles to track down and persuade the stuffy oil bottle, or the fat man does not want money to help Wu Xie in danger, or the stuffy oil bottle repeatedly saved them and put himself in danger. This is my friend. Please go away and tell your boss that if any harm comes to my friend, I will kill him. I can find him even if I run to the ends of the earth. Anyway, I have plenty of time. The stuffy oil bottle said this sentence lightly, and behind him were the fat man and Wu Xie who were at a loss. I tell you, even if he wants to destroy all my property in the future, I will not frown. This is the property of my Wu family, and I will defeat him in the hands of whoever I want. I have not come here today to ask for your consent in this matter, but to inform you. Who dares to say a word of nonsense to Master Zhang again, just like this case! Wu Xie smashed through the desk with his half-strong fist. At that moment, his anger did not make him feel the intense pain of a broken phalanx. Fat master I stay here, only two people can let me out from here, one is you naive, one is the little brother. You must live a good life, and don't have any more things to bother the fat master and me. You know the fat master is old. Of course,ibc spill containment pallet, we die together in the fight, is also a good thing. If one day you really feel that there is a place you have to go and it is ominous, you must call me. Don't let the fat man have any regrets in his life. This is the iron triangle. Chronology of grave robbery events.