The Holy Guide of the Dead

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According to the Dwarves, there is a strange force in this tunnel that can slowly drain the life force of those who enter!

According to the Dwarves, there is a strange force in this tunnel that can slowly drain the life force of those who enter! This gave the dwarves a headache, because the strange force was moving bit by bit along the tunnel in the direction of the city. In the face of such a strange thing, the strong warriors that the dwarves are proud of are of no use at all. This is not a large-scale city. There are only a few priests, and the standard is low. The strongest one can only release three levels of magic. It is the chief priest of the temple of Yeshidin in the city. He is so old that he has to be helped to walk. In this case, the presence of a human sorcerer is obviously good news-it's a good choice for dwarves to leave mysterious and weird things to the equally cunning and weird sorcerer. Of course, for Xuanyuan Yueyao, this is not a pleasant thing. Standing in front of the cave entrance, Xuanyuan Yueyao felt the slight fluctuation of magic power, and the little nine-tailed fox in her arms seemed equally sensitive, and the hair on his tail stood up. Mo Tong is good, wait for me here. "Xuanyuan Yueyao put the little nine-tailed fox at the mouth of the cave. She didn't intend to enter such a dangerous place with her familiar.". In fact, the safest thing is to put Mo Tong in the pocket of the familiar, which is a small space, very safe and comfortable for the familiar. It's just that her familiar has a personality and doesn't like to stay in her pocket. Every time she either coaxes her for a long time or forces her into it. Unfortunately,Nail machine supplier, her familiar once again showed a different personality. He held Xuanyuan Yueyao's robe tightly and didn't want to be left outside at all. Be good, be good. It's dangerous in there. Very helpless, Xuanyuan Yueyao had to squat down and her demon pet to present the facts and reason. Oh, my God, why can't her familiar be as obedient as others?! The little fox was obviously going to fight to the end. After making some sounds that no one could understand,wire nail machine manufacturers, Mo Tong seemed a little anxious. Although the familiar could connect with his master and even use magic language to talk, he was still not used to the identity of the familiar-after all, he had been a monster for more than a hundred years. In a hurry, Mo Tong directly chose the sorcery that Xuanyuan Yueyao forbade him to use casually. The hazy halo appeared on his body, and his body gradually changed. The nine-tailed fox with silver-white fur disappeared. Standing in place was a cute little boy of about five or six years old, dressed in a white Tang suit, with big silver-haired fox ears and a hairy tail behind him. Holding Xuanyuan Yueyao's robe tightly, he said, "Master, you can't go. It's very dangerous. That power.." Yes, yes.. Because the sense of danger came entirely from instinct, Nail Making Machine price ,iron nail machine, Mo Tong could not explain what it was, but did not want his master to take risks. See Mo Tong transformation, Xuanyuan Yueyao feel headache, she will not deal with children. Finally, Xuanyuan Yueyao had no choice but to compromise, Mo Tong changed back to the fox's posture, lying on the shoulder of Xuanyuan Yueyao. It's so embarrassing that she can't handle her familiar. She's probably the first one in history. As for the dwarf who was in charge of leading the way, he was stunned by the inexplicable changes. But no one pays attention to him. Standing in front of the entrance of the cave, facing the unknown Xuanyuan Yueyao will not rush in, not to mention that she now has to take good care of her familiar. The spell is chanted correctly and the power of magic is released. This is a spell that is used to detect the presence of magic in a particular location or item or person, as well as the strength of the magic, and even the possibility of identifying the type of magic. With the power of magic, the red light that only she could see appeared in front of her eyes, and the light filled the whole corridor, so strong that she could not help squinting her eyes. Such a strong aura proves that there is at least one magic above level six in effect in this corridor. To be specific, it should be.. Undead spells! An undead spell of level seven or so! This conclusion shocked Xuanyuan Yueyao himself! Undead spells at level seven?! By the gods, she's not dreaming! However She did not feel the existence of any life in the corridor, not only life, not even the undead. So, I don't think it's the necromancer. Well, if it's a necromancer's plot, then at least he's not here now. Once again, the magic eye of detection was created, and the scene in the corridor slowly unfolded in front of Xuanyuan Yueyao. It was not normal for the corridor to be completely enveloped in a deathlike silence, with no sign of life, not even a trace of moss or mold. Because there is a small pool not far away, there are always many kinds of life in the vicinity of this dark underground water source. But she soon saw signs that life had once existed, rotten mushrooms, the shriveled corpses of some burrowing rats, and even the corpse of an underground dwarf. Along the way, she saw nothing alive but death, until she reached the limit of the spell's range. If there was anything special, it was that she saw some strange marks on the wall of the cave at the far end of the corridor, which seemed to be left by something heavy. A level five sacred arcane spell has been blessed on her body-although she can release general spells up to level six,Nail machine manufacturer, she can only release advanced spells up to level five. But the fifth level of magic is enough, and now the corridor is full of negative energy because of undead magic, which will absorb and weaken the vitality of ordinary creatures-undead creatures will gain power in this environment. This level 5 holy spell can effectively prevent negative energy from causing damage to her. The only regret is that this spell lasts for a limited time and only works on the caster himself.